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Has vaginal pain affected your quality of life?
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Millions of women suffer from feminine related health problems.
Many are too uncomfortable, embarrassed or frustrated to speak up.



Clinical Solutions for Feminine Health

Dr. Lynn Kowalski is one of the first gynecologists in Southern Nevada to offer a new breakthrough technology that offers a quick, painless solution to the millions of women that suffer from vaginal problems related to menopause, childbirth, or urinary incontinence.

Menopause results in loss of hormones, and without them, the vagina can become painful or dry, especially during intercourse. Childbirth causes stretching of the vaginal tissues with permanent loss of tone, leading to a change in sensation with sex. In addition, many women suffer from loss of urine with laughing, coughing, sneezing, or with exercise. These health issues can often diminish a woman’s confidence and self-esteem, and even place a strain on sexual relations.

FemiLift uses the high-precision Alma CO2 laser to apply thermal energy that assists in vaginal mucosa revitalization, resulting in a tightening and lubricating effect.

This is a 5 minute in office procedure that involves inserting a probe with a 360-degree rotation capability into the vagina. The treatment is painless, with no surgery, anesthesia or downtime.



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I’m 53 and started experiencing vaginal dryness, painful sex and the occasional involuntary loss of urine if I coughed or ran - all thanks to menopause. It was a total downer, and even affected my marriage. I did some research and found FemiLift. What a life changer! I’m thrilled with the results. I feel young again with no dryness, and my husband is happy too, now that our fantastic sex life is restored. As a bonus, I have had no urine leakage either. It was so easy, quick and painless. I highly recommend FemiLift and I'm so grateful to Dr. Kowalski for bringing it to Las Vegas.
- SR
As a 56-year-old, I experienced vaginal dryness for years following menopause. This created problems that really impacted my quality of life, especially pain during sex. I would even sometimes pee when I exercised or laughed, which made me feel so self conscious. I was worried about pursuing hormone treatments or surgeries that might have side effects and other risks. A good friend recommended FemiLift, and I'm so glad I tried it. I couldn't believe how fast it was, and with no pain at all. I have noticed a real difference. My dryness is all gone, and I can enjoy my favorite activities without any urine loss. I am also having fun with dating, without any pain during sex. Dr. Kowalski is such a professional and I trust her completely.
- SH